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Larnaca, a popular wedding destination in Cyprus, is also a paradise for sea diving enthusiasts

Larnaca, a modern metropolis, brimming with culture, beaches, history, natural wonders and lively nightlife, is also the birthplace of Greek goddess Aphrodite and a popular wedding destination. But what attracts tourists from across the world to this city on the southern coast of Cyprus is its variety interms of offerings for sea-diving enthusiasts. More so when it’s the month of June.

While Cyprus’ seashore is perfect for water sports, the excitement continues deep down with some awesome treasures for undersea seekers. Here are a few unusual and surprising diving sites worth checking out in Larnaca.

Zenobia is one of the most recreational shipwreck sites in the world


Dive into a magical underwater world in Larnaca and explore one of the most recreational shipwreck sites in the world – Zenobia. Just 1.4km off the coast of Larnaca, this is rated one of the 10 best wreck dives in the world. The Zenobia, a Swedish ferry carrying 108 articulated lorries, sank in 1980. It lies on its port side on a flat bed of sand and rocks. Both the ferry and its cargo are still intact and fascinating to explore. The wreck is also home to schools of fish, including grouper, barracuda and tuna.

HMS Cricket

Situated off Larnaca, this dive is an opportunity to explore an old British battleship that rests upside down on the seabed at 27m. The World War II gunboat survived the war. It was then anchored in Larnaca Bay and used as target practice by the RAF but sank in 1947 due to bad weather. There is a sandy dip under the wreck. Divers can swim inside the hull through escape hatches and underneath the wreck.

British helicopter

wreck This dive is an opportunity to dive on a British Army helicopter that sank to 16m below sea level in 1996. The area is frequented by schools of fish and octopus.

Other attractions

Located 200m from the Zenobia wreck is Alexandra wreck, it features schools of fish including grouper, barracuda, kingfish, jacks and trigger fish, as well as moray eels, stingrays, turtles and octopus. The Alexandra was a wooden Egyptian fishing vessel that sank in 2006. Also, visit the Octopus Reef, so called because of the sighting of a large number of octopuses just 10m under sea. This site is also known for its eagle ray and large turtle sightings.

Words By: Kunal Doley

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