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Give the classics a rest and try something new the next time you visit The Big Apple

Of the two nicknames that New York is attributed with – The Big Apple and Gotham City, each one has an interesting history. While the two names sum up the attitude, culture and pulse of this city of skyscrapers, there is more that makes New York what it is.

As one of the most linguistically diverse cities in the world with no less than 800 languages spoken it is easy to feel at home here. It is believed that there is more Bukhari spoken here than in Uzbekistan and Tajikistan! New York is versatile and easily the front porch of the USA. Visitors vouch for the fact that catching the New York bug is most common. The sights, sounds and variety of cuisine the city offers is unbeatable while the Brooklyn Bridge, the Central Park and yellow cabs are just a few reasons to visit this city. NYC might be one of the most expensive cities in the US, but there are plenty of free things to do in the city as well, such as, a visit to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York! Let us introduce you to a New York you didn’t know about.

The name Gotham City is but a misnomer because NYC is nothing like the brooding city of recent Batman Comics. The name came about when author Washington Irving, in his periodical Salmagundi, drew parallels to the craziness of NYC folks with the villagers of Gotham in England. Irving may have been taking a dig at the good citizens, but New Yorkers embraced the moniker and made it a fashionable name. If on a visit to The Big Apple, check out these nooks, they are as delightful as they come!

The art lover

For a contemporary art experience, head to The Whitney in the meatpacking district, a promising new addition to New York’s art scene. Also, don’t miss Cloisters, a quirky little extension that houses Medieval European Art.

Undisrupted view

Step into the Sunset Park for that picture perfect twilight vistas of Manhattan, the world’s most celebrated skyline or walk to the highest point in the park for the glimpse of everything from Lady Liberty to Staten Island and New Jersey.


If New York claims to have authentic food, it’s not a lie. Remember that NY’s population is multicultural and you can dig into every kind of food imaginable!

Shop to the hilt

The shopping scene here requires no mention but if you are looking for something other than the swanky malls, cross over to the Brooklyn Flea Market where more than 100 vendors showcase carefully curated vintage clothing, jewellery, collectibles and crafts. This runs from April to November (Saturday and Sunday).

The young visitor

The world’s biggest zoo – the Bronx Zoo is a heaven for kids looking to watch “wildlife”. And how about getting their little brains picked at the MoMath (Museum of Mathematics)? Though strictly not a park, the Highline Park is built on a historic freight line at an elevation above the city, covering the areas between the Meatpacking districts and West 34th Street. Dotted by various food and entertainment options everywhere, it has different stops that are flanked by interesting things to see.

By: Anjaly Thomas

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