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Brad Pitt is clear that his father’s trucking business and his mixed bloodlines influenced his love for the road. William Bradley Pitt (yes, that is his real name), says, “I was born in Shawnee, Oklahoma. My dad ran a trucking company. When I was a kid, we moved to Tulsa, then to St. Louis and, by the time I was in kindergarten, we lived in Springfield, Missouri. We were situated in southern Missouri, right along the Mason-Dixon Line, between the North and the South, where you have this confluence of different cultures: Texas and Oklahoma from the south, the hillbilly from the Appalachian range to the east, the Midwestern coming down from above. There were all these different influences and ideas and accents coming into this place… I think that is the reason I am more of a gypsy.”

Lessons and Leisure

Brad believes that a holiday is a time to be up and about. “Holidays are of two kinds. You may want to go to a place and literally live it for fun or you may go somewhere and just laze around. An ideal holiday for me is a mix of both.” Ask him about his favourite jaunts and Brad is quick to reply, “Anywhere where the view and the vistas make you want to get out and see more, admire the beauty, be a part of what is there, rather than just plonk yourself in the pool or stay in bed.”

The good-looking 52-year-old actor walks his talk and has often been spotted at museums, parks and touristy haunts when vacationing, but also makes an exception when he knows he is on a holiday to just rest. “I never ever skip a museum or gallery by – anything that makes me learn about something new,” says Brad, adding, “And this is a reason why I am so fond of Europe.”

Absolute Adventure

Talking about one of his favourite solo holiday destinations, Brad says, “I was exposed to the beauty of the national parks in America when I did a project for a magazine with photographer Ryan McGinley. Three parks in eight days! It was like playing my life’s story with me as a spectator. There is something about them that makes you reflect, that makes you connect with your own self.”

France is Brad’s favourite European country. “I love the entire south of France, especially Marseilles. The seafood is great, and I end up going over the top with the bouillabaisse fish stew. I love riding the bike along the spectacular coastal pathways of the Calanques National Park between Marseilles and Cassis. In Nice, I strongly recommend the Matisse Museum, the Russian Cathedral and Nice’s old town, Vieux Nice, where you’ll find the Cours Saleya, a joyous, thriving market square famous for its flower market,” says Brad. The adventurous character of Las Ventanas in Mexico also impressed Brad enough to say, “Adventure does not always shout in your face. So the peace of Las Ventanas and its ability to make one’s vacation languid and relaxed also is worth experiencing.”

Dream destination

Despite having travelled to India on several occasions, Brad has not had his full. “I have done parts of India in brief patches. I want to spend a few months exploring the Himalayas from their northernmost starting point to the easternmost finishing point. I want to see the forests of East India. I have seen the predictable touristy portions of Goa and Rajasthan, but India is a lot more than that, which is what I really want to see,” adds Brad.

As told to Aarti Kapur Singh

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