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For freelance Bahraini photographer, Isa Mohamed, the whole world is an inspiration and every frame a priced possession

In your own words, please introduce yourself.

I’m a passionate photographer mostly interested in taking shots of the city of Manama, including historical sites and heritage-related areas across the Kingdom

What’s on your gear list?

I work with full frame cameras Nikon D800. I have several lenses from Nikkor 24-70mm f/2.8 to Nikkor 14-24mm f/2.8 and Nikkor 70-200, also 15 mm fish eye sigma lenses. I’m collecting more and more gears, think I will never have enough of those!

Why photography?

Why not! Photography is my passion, my way to clear my overloaded mind. It makes you more appreciative of life. Suddenly you notice light, shapes, colours, textures, people, buildings, trees, flowers etc.. Interestingly everything around you looks different as a photographer. Photography doesn’t require much. All I needed was a public place, a camera, a curious eye and a sense of confidence to capture some captivating moments.

How did you land your first client?

I deal with a framing place for the photos I print on canvas. One day the owner of the framing place mentioned that some customers were asking about my photos. Actually they wanted to use one of them. So I started dealing with clients and taking orders. Slowly my client base expanded to include not only individuals but official bodies and private and entertainment companies too. Others directly approached me through Instagram.

What’s best about Bahrain? Your favourite place?

Everything is special about Bahrain; its people, historical places, heritage, local places, souqs etc. I’m nostalgic about Manama as it reminds me of my childhood I spent there with my father.

You have amazing photographs of people, wilderness, history as well as nature. Which one is more difficult to handle?

It’s not about how difficult every category is, rather what techniques to be used in order to showcase the photo in the best shape possible. You have to patiently wait until you get a good composition.

Can you describe briefly your secret sauces for making an image stand out so sharp?

I don’t have unorthodox ways to take photos! I use standard methods and software like everyone else. I shoot raw, try to get the most out of it, maybe from different angles but that’s it. I have my own workflow.

Being a photographer, what has been your proudest moment?

Appreciation of my work makes me ecstatically grateful. I feel a sense of accomplishment. The last time when my pictures were showcased in Bahrain Overseas Exhibition was one of those moments.

Where do you find inspiration for your photographs?

We can find inspiration everywhere if we look close enough. I find inspiration in random strangers I meet, worshipers I greet in mosques, in workers waiting for their ride back home after a long day, in seasons ending, or seasons starting, it’s everywhere.

Your advice to aspiring photographers?

Take that camera and roam around in your spare time. Learn new techniques, watch videos and tutorials on YouTube, attend seminars and workshops to improve your photography skills. Try to capture everything until you find your passion and what type of photos you want to focus on.

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