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Bentley’s Bentayga is the first SUV that has made it into Range Rover territory!

Rolex is synonym for luxury watches, Mercedes will remind you of cars. Similarly, Bentley paints an image of an opulent car maker. This will change, as Bentley has broken the pattern and introduced an SUV— the Bentayga. This comes with a tag of being the Most Luxurious SUV. Let us understand more about it.

Does it indulge?

Bentley always knew how to make one feel special. Even the most dyspeptic personalities will have a whoosh of wows when they experience the ultra luxurious SUV. Olde world Bentley styling of wood and leather is trickled into Bentayga interiors melded with modern day technology.

On-road manners

If you desire for speed, Bentley’s Bentayga offers a top speed of 187mph, making it the fastest production SUV made by mankind. A supercar does a 0-62mph in about 4 seconds. Now imagine doing that in a seven seater SUV. That is staggering! A 600bhp 6.0-litre W12 engine that even gets a Bentley Dynamic Ride package to tingle your excitement around winding roads.

Is it adventurous?

Bentley states the Bentayga will continue to offer luxury even when the tarmac ends. Bentayga is a lot more adventurous than its competition when it comes to dirting its boots and even comes with an optional off road package. The wading depth is 500mm and ground clearance of 245mm. It doesn’t match the ability of a Range Rover. The sagacious minds at Bentley recommend that Bentayga customers will usually stick to the tarmac

Words By: Rachit Hirani

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