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As Formula 1 celebrates 70 years, we take you through some of the best cars that have raced till date

500 – FERRARI (1952-1953)

The car very nearly went two whole seasons without losing a race.

250F – MASERATI (1954-1960)

Debuted in 1954, it won its first two races that it entered with Fangio behind the wheel.

LOTUS 72 (1970-1976)

With an overall record of 20 wins and 39 podiums, it speaks volumes for a car that was loved by so many.

MP4/2 – MCLAREN (1984-1986)

The car ended up winning 22 races from 48 and crowned two champions in Lauda and Prost.

MP4/4 – MCLAREN (1988)

It was nothing short of immense as it crushed the 1988 season winning 15 of 16 races and taking 15 of 16 pole positions.


F2002 – FERRARI (2002-2003)

The car was so good that it remained competitive at the beginning of the 2003 season and took Schumacher to a win at the 2003 San Marino Grand Prix.

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