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Food trucks are popping up all over America and are putting a new spin on classic dishes to cater to all food lovers

Take a stroll down the streets of any city in America and you are sure to stumble upon eye-catching vans that beckon you with their scintillating aromas and mouth-watering food. Today, food trucks are as much a part of our culture as Starbucks or McDonald’s. There are so many good options, but we’ve shortlisted five food trucks from various cities across America that really stand out.

King of Pops, Atlanta

Serving one of the best pops in the world, King of Pops serves them up with good grace and humour from small pushcarts with rainbow umbrellas and chalkboard menus. Whether you’re in the mood for a refreshing Grapefruit Mint or Raspberry Lime, or a decadent Chocolate Sea Salt or creamy Banana Puddin’ pop, they’re all equally delicious. They started in Atlanta but are now all over the South, including Charlotte NC, Charleston SC, Savannah GA, Richmond VA, Greenville SC and Athens GA.

Fukuburger Truck, Las Vegas

Founded by burger lover Colin Fukunaga and Robert Mags Magsalin, this food truck gives a Japanese twist to classic West Coast burgers. Its late night crowd-pleaser menu features delectable burgers topped with pickled red ginger, wasabi mayonnaise and Fukunaga’s secret ‘crack sauce’. Some of the must-try’s in the Asian-inspired menu are Mac Salad, Naga Hot Dog, Rice Bowls and the Togarashi Garlic Fries.

Cinnamon Snail, New York City

Born from the vision and aspirations of chef Adam Sobel, Cinnamon Snail brings vegan food to the streets. New Yorkers line up to relish the vegan offerings of this wonder-on-the-wheels that appeal to carnivores too. Don’t leave here without trying the burger deluxe, crème brûlée doughnut and maple mustard tempeh sandwich.

Ms Cheezious, Miami

A grilled cheese sandwich is undoubtedly the king of comfort food! Miami-based Brian and wife, Fatima Mullins, certainly believed in the power of a perfect cheese sandwich when they rolled out Ms Cheezious to reinvent this classic go-to dish. You can satisfy your cravings with their 17 standard dishes and a build-your-own option. Go for their signature Croqueta Monsieur, Crabby Cheese Melt, Frito Pie Melt topped off with the Sweet Meltdown for dessert.

Luke’s Lobster, New York City

This truck is the brainchild of Luke Holden, who was born and raised in Cape Elizabeth, a small town on the coast of Maine. Luke grew up lobstering, built his own skiff and launched a lobster company while he was still in high school. Today, Luke’s Lobster is a hugely successful mini-chain, with more than 30 locations, with 12 in New York, five in Japan and multiple spots in Boston. The food is varied and widely popular. Here chilled lobster is served with a swipe of mayo, a sprinkle of lemon butter and a dash of Luke’s secret spices. Top two favourites would definitely be Lobster Grilled Cheese and Crab Grilled Cheese.

Words: Aishwarya Viswanathan

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