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Dorine Oberndorfer, a former dutch Gulf Air stewardess and Gulf Air Airport Officer Special Services, joined Gulf Air in January 1977. She was part of a big group of young Dutch ladies and young men flying for Gulf Air. As the carrier celebrates its 70th anniversary, Dorine shares her experience flying with the legacy carrier of the Middle East.

How was your experience working with Gulf Air?
I loved flying for Gulf Air, working with so many colleagues from different countries and cultures. I visited so many places where I had never been before, like Bombay (now Mumbai), Muscat, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Bangkok and Hong Kong, made me realise how beautiful these cities are! There was a sense of pride when wearing the ionic Gulf Air uniform designed by Mrs. Joy Stokes!

You were later shifted to the team working at Bahrain Airport.  Tell us about that.
After couple of years of flying, I was asked to join a brand new team working at Bahrain Airport. Our office was at the Falcon Lounge. We looked after Gulf Air VIP and special guests. During the school holidays, we also took care of the young passengers travelling without their parents (unaccompanied minors). It was such a lovely time.

Tell us something about your training process?
We all trained on the famous 5 Star Tristars. I did fly as well on the Boeing 737 and Fokkers! Our training was excellent, interesting and we did learn a lot. We were even invited on sightseeing trips to learn about Bahrain and its culture!

What is so special about Bahrain?
Bahrain is always in my heart. I love everything about Bahrain – the friendly and hospitable people, the smell of sea and sand. Literally, everything is special about the island nation. It will always be my home although I don’t live there anymore!

Are you still in touch with your former colleagues?
Yes, I am. We do have several former and current employees joined in various Gulf Air Facebook Groups. We all post pictures and stories about our “Golden Days” with Gulf Air!

You also have a Facebook page called Golden Falcons Forever.
Captain Sharaf and I handle the administration of this Facebook page. It was created in the memory of Gulf Air staff who have passed away.

Any message for Gulf Air on this occasion?
I am always following Gulf Air’s news. This year the airline will celebrate its 70th anniversary and I am very proud to have been part of its history. I wish the national carrier all the success and prosperity to  the Kingdom of Bahrain.

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