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The Arabian Jeweller offers elegant contemporary designs inspired by the region’s heritage

In the world of fine jewellery, the United Arab Emirates is not far behind in proving its mettle. Rather, it seems to be drawing in thousands of jewellery enthusiasts from all over the world. This isn’t without reason if you look at the magnificent designs that are created by the Dubai-based Gafla-The Arabian Jeweller, founded by three Emiratis Abdulla BelJafla (Creative Director), Hamad Bin Shaiban (Managing Director) and Bushra Bint Darwish (Designer). Even though it’s quite a recent phenomenon, it was something long-awaited.

They embarked on this journey because they wanted to create objects that one day will be heirlooms passed from one generation to the next. It all fell in place for them thanks to the transformative power of drawing that later changed into reality they had seen for themselves.

Though Bushra had taken many courses in diamonds and gemstones, it was in 2015 that she enrolled into a three-month course of jewellery design at Gemological Institute of America (GIA) in London. “It’s a technical and delicate task that involves a lot of precise and accurate measurements with the help of which these elegant pieces of jewellery are totally made possible,” she said. The growing popularity of Gafla jewellery is tied with the fulfillment of a promise that, it says, is at the core of its foundation right from the start.

“The focus of our brand is to take clients on a journey through the past. When we conduct private viewings, we tell our clients the story of each of our pieces, the historic inspiration behind them and how we transformed that inspirational factor into a unique design for women to wear blissfully,” she said. “The name “Gafla” means caravan in Arabic which has greater influence on our brand ethos.”

The team’s overall inspiration, Hamad says, comes mainly from the unforgettable journeys of nomadic traders who travelled from the Gulf to different cities and countries sourcing food, textile jewellery and many other materials that this region heavily depended on.

Developed in their backyard, Bushra believes that their jewellery is designed to fit anyone and everyone around the world. “We have clients from Europe, Asia and Africa and of course the Middle East,” she said.

By: Nagmani

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