Travel is My Happiness Booster

Charlize Theron is not only starring alongside Nicole Kidman and Margot Robbie in Bombshell (up for release this December) but she is also the executive producer for a new reality TV racing competition, Hyperdrive. She describes the show as “Fast & Furious meets American Ninja Warrior”. Theron starred in the former, and is now turning to reality TV in her newest project. The South African model-turned-ballet dancer-turned-actress and producer, who raced her way through the Wasteland in her War Rig knows a thing or two about racing, as she is also currently filming for Fast & Furious 9 set for release in 2020.

Travel Is Happiness

My mom always told me to just be happy. Be happy with your life and the way you want to live it. I think it was empowering for me to grow up with a mother who told me that, and still tells me that today. When I’m struggling with something she’s like: what is it that you want? What will make you happy? That’s the most important thing. When you’re happy, content and at peace,” says Theron. Confessing that travelling is a sure “happiness booster” for her, Theron says, “My life is more important than work. It just is. I have this horrible habit of not altering travel plans for anything.”

Truly Living

Charlize won’t let anyone dictate how she should live, work or look and what she should do. But she does listen to her team. “I have just come back from a vacation in Croatia and I literally had to be plucked from there! Ask my team. I can’t wait to run off to South Africa with my kids and my mom and not surface for a month. South Africa is home – it is where my heart is. And I always head in that direction to revive everything.”

And what does she do there? “I love road trips. And have been contemplating one for a long time. I would love to park myself at a beach with some few gallons of Long Island Iced Tea too and fish maybe. Grilling fresh seafood makes for a pretty holiday dream too. Before people started recognising me, life was one big holiday. There was a drive-in cinema around an hour from the farm in South Africa and, on Friday evenings, my mum Gerda and I would often make the trip. We indulged in video marathons. I still remember the thrill of hopping on my BMX and pedalling to the shop to rent another Betamax tape. Even then, I would prefer serious, adult-oriented films,” reminisces Charlize.

Adventure Always

Charlize Theron is raring to shoot a film in the deserts of the Gulf region. “Wouldn’t it be so adventurous? And yet romantic?”, squeals Charlize, adding, “It is for the views that would look so amazing on celluloid – imagine camels silhouetted against the sunset. But it is also for the food. I love the cuisine of the Middle East! Especially the roasts – it is actually very similar to Braai. A Braai is South African for Barbeque but a BBQ in the sand will be just so much better than a BBQ anywhere else!”

For now, her focus may be on her upcoming projects, but she is already thinking of a holiday. “I have travelled to Dubai and a few other cities, but I really want an extended holiday in Jordan, and everywhere in the Gulf. I want to go dune bashing, I want to learn how to cook kebabs and I want to go shopping,” adds Charlize.


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