The spirit of Georgia


Georgia, an otherwise all-year round destination, is particularly mesmerising in winter. Treat yourself to a winter adventure with plenty of snowboarding, skiing, snowmobiling and sleigh rides. Between the months of November and April, the gorgeous Caucasus Mountains are draped in snow and turn into delightful ski-slopes for the adventurous. That aside, there is plenty to do and see in this country in winter.

Of all the reasons to visit Georgia, winter should be your reason. Winter also sees a huge drop in regular touristic prices, doubling your reasons to visit.

The snowy Caucasus is delightful

The enormous snow-covered mountains filling the horizon with snow and icy peaks that sparkle in the wintry sun is breath-taking. Skiing, snowboarding or simply walking through the snow or snowshoeing can be easily done. Up in Gudauri, only two hours from Tbilisi, are fantastic ski slopes with over 20 ski runs. Beyond that in Kazbegi, brave the snow and cold and trek up to the Gergeti Trinity Church – the snow-covered soaring mountains and snow filled valleys will mesmerise you.

Satisfying food

Georgian cuisine is rich, heavy and delicious, which makes it perfect for cold winter months. What better time than winter to tuck into those delicious cheesy khachapuris (bread) or meat-stuffed khinkalis (dumplings).

Sulphur Baths

Soaking in Tbilisi’s traditional Sulphur baths is something for the winter when the temperature hovers around the zero mark. What better way to spend time indoors but in a hot bath as the snow falls over its famed dome? Tbilisi’s famed Sulphur baths are legendary, both for their unique healing properties and, of course, for its famous
visitors that included the great Russian poet Alexander Pushkin and Alexander Dumas, who visited the baths during his Caucasian trip.

Heli-ski tours

Nothing quite as exciting as reaching inaccessible corners high in the mountains where untouched snow and crazy landscapes await your skiing adventure. If you are pressed for time but want to take the less trodden path, this is for you.

Don’t miss

Tusheti: Get the feel of being in a winter wonder, complete with narrow mountain passes to conquer, head to Tusheti in Georgia’s northwest region.
Goderdzi: Two hours from Batumi, is this gorgeous ski resort. While you are here, check out Khulo another fantastic spot nearby to enjoy your winter.

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