The 'Lost' Tribes

, Snapshots

In the depths of many countries live tribes who have no contact with the outside world. Being up close and personal with these people.

1) Perak Women, Ladakh,1) Perak Women, Ladakh, J&K, India

Occupying the northernmost  areas of India, the indigenous people  of Ladakh belong to the remote tribes of the world. The women wear  traditional  Perak headdresses and jewellery.

2) Karo People, Omo Valley,2) Karo People, Omo Valley, Ethiopia

The Karo tribe use red ochre and white  chalk to decorate their faces in order to  find love and ward off enemies. Even the  men of the community paint their faces to  boost their appeal.

3) Kazakh Eagle Hunter,3) Kazakh Eagle Hunter,Banyan Ulgii, Mongolia

The last-of-their-kind to hunt with golden eagles, the Kazakhs of Ali mountain range of Mongolia are shrinking, with only 400 of them left today.

4) Samburu Tribesmen, Ndoto4) Samburu Tribesmen, Ndoto Mountains, Kenya

The Samburu tribesmen are semi-nomadic people  who depend on their livestock for survival.

5) Huli Wigmen, Papua, New Guinea5) Huli Wigmen, Papua, New Guinea

The people of Tari still live in a very primitive manner. They wear their traditional outfits and still follow their tribal traditions.

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