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Many jewellery brands have associations with high-flying celebrities and royals — but none is quite like Dalia Daou

A lot of jewellery brands have been in the limelight for serving the elite section of society, including celebrities and royal families from all over the world, thanks to their marvelously uplifting designs. But none like the famous brand “Daou” since 1930s, which is designed today by the third-generation Lebanese-born London-based jewellery designer Dalia Daou whose revival of it in 2014 went on to catch everyone’s attention.

Dalia was born in a family that had a flourishing jewellery business but with an interrupted history. However, for her to become an expert was no coincidence at all. She was determined to do it to preserve her family’s legacy that she knew was absolutely enriching. More so, she couldn’t let it go without a fight.

“It all started with my grandfather, whom I never had the pleasure to know. Then, my father took it to another majestic level in Beirut in the 1960s and 1970s with clients like Brigitte Bardot, Grace Kelly, Queen Elizabeth II and others who fell in love with what we had to offer at that time. So I’ve grown up being familiar with the nuts and bolts of fine jewellery,” she said.

In retrospect, Dalia’s sheer passion for art and sculpture led her to study it in depth at Wimbledon College of Arts and l’École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris. This creative adventure prepared her for the role of a jewellery designer. “I’ve always studied art, even while attaining a Physics degree from the University of Bristol, so before I revived Daou Jewellery I developed my artistic skills through specific courses in Hatton Garden (London’s jewellery quarter) and at Central Saint Martins,” she adds.

For Dalia, designs are the result of a combination of so many inspirations coming together. For example, her Sunset Sunrise collection has the literal colours of beautiful dawn and dusk, but created in baguette cut stones as though painted in a modern impressionist style, and uses her knowledge of gemology in the stone selection.
Asked what differences she sees in terms of today’s women style of wearing jewellery, Dalia says, “Today jewellery is worn in a more individualistic and adaptable way, just as wardrobes have become
mix and match, worn with jeans or cocktail dresses, layered or statement pieces whether at work or during celebration time.”

By: Nagmani

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