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Formula 1 World Champion Nico Rosberg made headlines twice last year. Now an ambassador for the Mercedes F1 team, Rosberg talks about F1 and life after F1

Do you think Mercedes will be victorious for the fourth consecutive year?

Mercedes is an incredible team. They are the best ones out there. But the rules are totally different now, so everybody has to start from zero and build their cars to these new regulations. Nobody knows what will happen. I think the biggest threat at the moment is Red Bull, because the relationship with Adrian Newey has worked incredibly well for the past 20 years or so.

How did you keep going with two years of huge disappointments prior to winning the F1 crown last season?

Thanks to those difficult moments that I’m sitting here as the world champion. I really fought through them and managed to come out of those dark moments with even greater motivation. That’s what happened in Austin in 2015 when I lost the championship to Lewis [Hamilton]. It was very tough because I put my whole life into trying to win on that racetrack but I found motivation that I didn’t even know I had.

Were there any strange moments for you to be in a different role this year compared to your previous years?

Well, it’s a big change in my life, for sure.There are definitely going to be some strange moments. I think that’s natural. One of them, for example, was seeing social media posts by Valtteri Bottas where he’s sitting together with all my engineers in the factory. We were called ‘Team Nico’, but now there’s Valtteri sitting there with them, and he has probably renamed it ‘Team Valtteri’.

Are you enjoying life as a retired F1 world champion?

I am definitely enjoying retirement, and I am feeling great in general. I feel very proud looking back, it’s an awesome emotion, which I’m taking with me now into my next steps. I would love to give something back now, so that’s my main focus at the moment; to find some projects I’m really passionate about. At the moment, the first thing would be with children that are a bit older who really can appreciate, for example, Formula One and things like that.

Would you like your children to become Formula One drivers?

It’s been an amazing ride, and I’m unbelievably grateful for the career that I’ve had in F1. The most important thing for my children is to really let them find their own way and not to hold them back. So, if one of my children or for now, my daughter, wants to go into racing one day, then I won’t stand in her way.

By: Claire Bloomfield

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