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Most of us fish using a rod and reel, but there’s much more to the art of fishing

Intha fisherman, Myanmar

The Intha fisherman of Inle Lake are an icon of Myanmar. They practise a unique rowing technique, using just one leg wrapped around an oar!

Cast net fishing, various countries

Cast net fishing is one of the oldest methods of netting a big catch. It has been practised for centuries all over the world, from Hawaii to India.

Stilt fishing, Sri Lanka

The story of stilt fishing in Sri Lanka is one of resourcefulness and resilience.

Bubu fishing, Malaysia

Usage of the bubufish trap – usually made of bamboo or chicken wire mesh – is popular in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Brunei.

Chinese fishing nets, India

Despite being called Chinese fishing nets, these fixed land-based lift nets are actually found across India!

Cormorant fishing, China & Japan

This method uses cormorants to fish in rivers. To control the birds, fishermen tie a snare near the bird’s throat that prevents it from swallowing the fish.

Ice fishing, Iceland

Fishermen usually hole up in ice shanties equipped with a heater or stove to keep them warm and prevent the fishing hole from closing while waiting for fish to bite.

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