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Passionate about nature and obsessed with beauty, Bahraini entrepreneur Reem Al Khalifa is the owner and founder of Green Bar, a company that reflects a modern take on the region’s age-old beauty rituals

Describe yourself in five words.

Hermit, hermit, hermit, hermit, hermit.

What’s your beauty philosophy?

I like something that has poetry.

The story behind Green Bar.

I felt like big labs always meddle with natural ingredients, and most cosmetic labs are required to meddle by law! So they will go against nature and add a few preservatives to keep something bacteria free to extend shelf life.

I don’t believe in that philosophy because then you never give the consumer “the real thing”. So, instead of making something “sophisticated” I just went back in time and made something very primitive and didn’t introduce water to any of my formula’s to keep the naughty bacteria away. A concentrated oil formula is more precious when you use the cleanest plant oil possible, and it gives unbelievable results more than I can list. But it’s the natural material that’s doing all the work. I think sticking with this philosophy since 2006 when I first began is what gives Green Bar a story.

Essential beauty oils for Bahrain summer.

Anything plant-based. Stay away from petroleum-based cosmetics, they are everywhere.

Define beauty in five words.

Gentle, harmonious, energetic, loving, clear.

Five beauty hacks that you believe in?

My beauty hacks revolve around well-being.

Sleep: Stop everything and go sleep if you are tired, it will change everything. Hack your schedule!

Workout: Maybe you would think this isn’t a hack? But it’s the most honest way to a radiant face.

Some cheating: Apply a clean plant-based oil, like our Face Elixir on a damp face and massage. It will leave you radiant and the scent will help you relax.

Acupuncture: I use it on my face to make the muscles relax, and I use it if I’m too nervous to sleep or when I can’t stop my mental chatter. I always call for a session.

Be happy: Remind yourself to be happy, hack your busy schedule again. Go have a good time with a close friend and laugh.

What are your favourite natural ingredients?

Anything that grows around me. Because I love harmony, I like to connect with what’s around. So the most potent plant or ingredient wherever I am is my favourite during that time. For example, in China my favourite ingredient is tea. In Italy, it’s rosemary. In Bahrain, it’s whatever comes from the palm tree. My favourite ingredient changes according to the season.

Three best products from Green Bar that every women should have?

The Face Elixir, a gentle face moisturiser.

The seasonal body soap to wake you up for your morning shower. Our summer soap also helps you cool!
Black seed oil to drizzle on your morning breakfast to keep you strong.

A beauty tip that you swear by.

A good workout.

Future plans with Green Bar

We are opening a Green Bar café in September 2017.

by: Abhishek Chakraborty

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