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Lebanese designer, Sandra Mansour, creates fashion pieces that tell great stories

While the highly revered fashion names from Lebanon have entertained the fashion world for years and undoubtedly continue to do so, it’s also time to welcome fresh faces who could break the monotony and give us varied and powerful collections with a fresh spin. Something that’s sort of edgy yet sophisticated at its core!

One such well-known name to have emerged and be reckoned with in recent years is Beirutbased Swiss-born designer Sandra Mansour whose prêt-a-porter collections have continued to appeal to both the fashionistas and fashion industry alike since 2010, the year she launched her eponymous label.

Creative pursuits

Mansour saw huge potential in fashion that could give a whole new meaning to her life. For her, the notion of fashion meant just one thing; the ability to create a blank canvas to infuse art and style together. “It was the endless possibilities that drew me to it,” she says. This revelation became apparent before Mansour when she enrolled at Beaux Arts, Geneva, after graduating from Webster University in Business Management. “It implanted in me an addiction for sketching, which is very much part of my process,” she says. “I get my ideas from everywhere, but mostly art, or shall I say artists who bring out a side of me that allows me to escape and create these pieces that tell great stories.”

Dreaming big

Mansour then moved to Paris to do her Master’s in Fashion Design at Istituto Marangoni in order to immerse herself in the actual world of fashion. From the start, her brand has been known for bold prints and elegant hand embroidery. It’s no wonder that her exclusive prints and embroideries aspire to tell a story. “This is what binds all the pieces together,” says the designer.

Standing out

The success of her brand as it meets new clientele every day is closely linked to what Mansour envisaged it to be — something different from the herd. “I wanted to create a creative and fashion forward brand for strong women, prêt-a-porter with edginess,” she says. Her gorgeous creations are designed to compliment the personality of confident, soft women who aren’t afraid to stand out at any time.

By: Nagmani

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