Little Manchester


Also known as ‘Little Manchester’, Faisalabad in Pakistan is the third most-populous city of the country. Historically, it was the first planned city within British India and is an industrial hub, famous for its silk and cotton textiles, clothing, hosiery, dyes, manufacturing of agricultural machinery and other goods.  The countryside of Faisalabad is irrigated by the Chenab river, helping in production of cotton, wheat, fruits, vegetables and sugarcanes.

The city has a colonial era railway station, opened in 1896, with a special cargo facility for its industrial import and export activities across the country and is operated by Pakistan Railways. Faisalabad International Airport is 15.3 kms from the city and caters to both domestic and international flights, mainly from the Middle East.

The city offers several tourist attractions such as its famous Clock Tower also known as Ghanta Ghar. The tower is the oldest monument of British India, opened in 1903, and is still standing in its original glory. The markets surrounding the tower form eight roads designed to look like a Union Jack from a bird’s-eye view. Each of these markets has been given a separate name and is famous for specific goods. The city has Am Tex Waterfall, which is the biggest artificial waterfall in Asia. Further, there is the Happy Land Water Park with the biggest water slides in Pakistan. Jinnah Garden (also known as Company Bagh), is where you’ll find the tomb of H.E. Sir Charles James Lyall, the founder of the city.

In addition to this, the city’s first heritage museum, Lyallpur Museum offers you a tour into the ancient and modern culture of the city. Moreover, The Chenab Club is a majestic tourist attraction with its vast lush green lawns and shaded trees. The club is located in the surroundings of Jinnah Garden and is considered the heart of the city; it is also within walking distance of the railway station and the Clock Tower.

What makes Faisalabad stand out is the sense of humour of its locals – they are spontaneous and witty. The city has its own Cricket and Hockey Stadiums. The Iqbal Cricket Stadium has hosted numerous national and international cricket matches, including the 1987 and 1996 Cricket World Cups. The Faisalabad Hockey Stadium has a capacity to accommodate 25,000 spectators and has hosted several domestic and international field hockey matches.

Last but not the least, the city was home to music’s iconic legend Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. The music maestro was born here and is now buried here. Every year, his fans and music lovers from all over Pakistan and the world in large numbers, visit his grave located at Kabootran Wala Qabristan (Graveyard) also known as Jhang Road Graveyard. To say the least, the maestro is the main identity of the city of Faisalabad.

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