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Shereen Shaltout and Helen McKee are introducing a new style of creative corporate films and documentaries and social media films through iHeart Film Productions

Tell us a little about you and iHeart Film…

The company was founded by myself and Helen Mckee. We both grew up in Bahrain and so the island is our home. Having worked within the media industry for the last 10 years, in both the UK and the GCC, we found it extremely frustrating when dealing with outside production houses. We felt that because we are from a small island in the Arabian Gulf, people would assume that the quality of our work was not up to the mark. So iHeart Film was somewhat created to challenge that perception and produce innovative films that document this part of the world to an international standard.

Describe yourself in five words?

Passionate, conscious, innovative, creative, inspired.

You are known to introduce a new style of filming. State three characteristics of your style of filming that makes you different from others?

We definitely believe our style of storytelling is unique within the boundaries of corporate documentaries. We try to extract the human element from our corporate documentaries and produce an inspiring and personalised film that tells the story behind the product. For instance, we recently produced a film for a journal. Although the subject matter was a notebook, our treatment towards the product film purposely drew upon a human theme. We showed this through our protagonist, his journey as he explored the culture and heritage of old Muharraq – re-emphasising the journal’s brand and image as a travel companion.

Three things about Bahrain that you love the most?

Its people. Its culture. And the abundance of local talent.

Five things you can’t do without?

Phone, laptop, camera, coffee and sense of humour.

Your latest projects that people in Bahrain should look forward to?

We recently completed a pearling documentary and a documentary on Bahraini environmental engineer and fashion designer Rawan Maki.

Describe your passion for film-making in three words?

I heart Film.

Words By: Abhishek Chakraborty

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