I turn into a monk on vacations…

Katy Perry is forever, in her own words, “in a holiday spirit”. . In a clip from the video Cozy Little Christmas, Katy, as “Merry Perry, Santa’s second wife,” welcomes Santa home from his holiday work, and the two take off for a vacation, where they lounge by the pool, sip tropical drinks and even get reindeer massages. Joining in on the fun are a snowman, reindeer, elf and other holiday pals. “And that is pretty much how I like my holidays,” Katy Perry, adding, “I am the person, day after Thanksgiving, who’s like, ‘Christmas music right now!’ So, end of November I am Christmas music-ed out!”

Being Present, Fully

Family is an integral part of Katy’s holidays. In fact, the idea for the video of Cozy Little Christmas originated because of a family vacation. “It was actually inspired by our last Christmas together with my family, which was last year in Copenhagen [Denmark],” she explains. “The Danish really know how to do Christmas! They have so many different traditions — they have special chocolates they buy, they light real candles on the Christmas tree, you hold hands and you dance around and I was like, ‘Man, I want that.’ It’s something you can’t buy,” she adds, saying, “It’s just a feeling.” Speaking of being fully present, Katy likes to make the most of her vacations. Her social media is replete with pictures of her jet-skiing, snorkelling, diving and so on. A beach person, Katy says, “I love the sunshine! Add sand and water to it and I am that kid in a candy store.” Her favourite place to soak up the sun are the “breathtaking beaches of Île de Ré, an island located off the west coast of France. The shores gleam like molten gold! Other than that it would be Capri, Mallorca, and Japan!” she says, excitedly.

Real Living Happens on Vacations

The ‘Never Really Over’ singer makes sure her hectic schedules don’t mar her vacations.  “I truly do a digital detox, over-eat, take many naps, and turn into fun, fabulous Super Auntie! But it really is something that recharges me! That is real living,” exclaims Katie. Whether Katy Perry is on a two-year-long tour or busy filming a number one hit music video, the pop star never forgets to take care of herself by taking some down time to vacation. “I turn into a monk on vacations. Not that I don’t meditate, or take care of myself when not on holiday, but during vacations, I become paranoid about recharging. So my transcendental meditation sessions, pre-bedtime rituals – taking off all my makeup with oil, followed by a spritz of Caudalie Eau de Raisina few drops of lavender oil on my pillow and the presence of loved ones is my favourite tonic!” says Katy. If you look at Katy Perry’s past red carpet and street looks, you can definitely see a Japanese flare to her style. It is easy to see that Katy Perry really admires the culture of Japan. “It is my favourite place to travel! You know there is this crazy place in Tokyo called Tokyo Cat House where you can drink tea and play with cats!” she says gleefully, adding, “I also love the flamboyance of the Middle East, especially Dubai. Life is just so much brighter in Dubai!” Ask her about her travel wish-list and Katy says, “I have a ticket to outer space! But before that I want to climb Machu Picchu, and learn Spanish in Madrid!”

As told to Aarti Kapur Singh

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