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Drawing inspiration from the city she lived in, London, Bahraini designer Yasmine Salahedin has created a brand of her own called Yazi

Tell us something about your journey.

I started with a small dream, which I have turned with my determination and passion for things that shine and stand out into a beautiful reality, that’s what I like to believe.

What made you to launch your brand Yazi?

With much effort not to sound cliche, I have always appreciated unique things. Whether in clothing or bags and bejeweled accessories; I love wearing things that catch my eye. I started Yazi with that same love to bring alive unique creations of my own.

There are many animal-inspired designs in your creations.

I’m greatly influenced by mother nature. Beautiful places I travel to and have seen in my life are carved into my memory, which I have then reflected into many of my designs.

It seems every design of yours has a story behind it. Is it true?

I’ll say it again, I aspire for uniqueness and things that I personally love are reflected into my creations, in every collection I present.

Any reason abstract and bold prints mostly define your scarves?

A major part has to do with my background in graphic design school, with a touch of my personal sparkle.

Where all have you showcased your work till now? Any country where you would love to have a presence?

Yazi can be found online on wolfandbadger.co.uk, shop style.co.uk, lyst.co.uk, nuji.com, polyvore.com, coterique.com. Yazi had been featured on The Telegraph along big global designers as part of best 50 bags. I have been operating for over 10 years. In Bahrain, Yazi can be found at Moda Mall, Seef Mall. Riyadh, Ksa, and Wolf & Badger, Mayfair, London.

One of my many weaknesses are fashion magazines, Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar are personal favourites

Yazi is launching in Kuwait later this year. I would love to have presence in Los Angeles.

Your definition of style?

Style has to be simple and distinct.

How do you keep yourself updated with latest fashion trends?

Social media nowadays I think plays the biggest role in sending out fashions most widely worn and passionately loved creations, but I must admit one of my many weaknesses are fashion magazines, Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar are personal favourites.

Do trends matter to you or you believe in having your own style?

I stick to my own style, always.

Your other interests?

I am a full-time designer.

Words By: Abhishek Chakraborty

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