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Sisters Leila Siassi and Faezeh Faiz Fakhroo launched Maison du Maillot to create a website that houses beautiful swim and resort wear

How did the unique idea of starting a website for swim and resort wear come about?

We wanted to bring together beautiful swim and resort wear from around the world to one central online place, 365 days a year. We saw this was a missing niche in the market and have created a ‘one-stop-shop’ for contemporary warm weather clothing. Furthermore, we want the clothes to be accessible to all and have implemented worldwide free shipping and returns to our customers around the world, while everything is housed in Bahrain.

What things do you look for when you decide to endorse a certain brand of swimwear?

We look for quality and style, our customers expect us to bring them the latest designs and good quality fabrics. The past few seasons we have seen the resurgence of the one piece alongside some interesting new fabrics, such as scuba material, which is incredibly flattering.

Do you have a signature line?

No, not yet. We are a multi brand boutique and source designers from around the world. The collection changes every season and we look forward to introducing new brands each year. For many it is the first time they are available in the region or being sold online.

Was GCC’s conservative dressing style, especially for women, a topic of concern before taking the business plunge?

It is something we did take into consideration, however many women dress as they wish in private. Furthermore our client base is mixed, as we have customers in over 35 countries worldwide.

How do you keep up with the latest trends in swim and resort wear?

Leila is our buyer and she visits trade shows around the world, reviews brands online and stays up to date with new designers in the market. We enjoy being ahead of the curve and knowing what the Maison du Maillot woman likes. So it’s important to stay on top of all the latest fashion trends.

Do you put special efforts as an entrepreneur to stand out in the competition?

We strongly believe in our key brand values, one of which is a high level of customer service. We put a lot of effort into ensuring that from the moment you are browsing the website to when your package arrives at your door, everything has been consistent and to a high level. We have a live chat stylist who can help with any questions to ensure that our customers are always happy.Your thoughts about the burkini invented by Australian designer Aheda Zanetti.

Aheda saw a gap in the market and created something that there was a need for, that is very smart business sense if you ask us!

How open are men about donning trendy swimwear? Do you have enough takers for the mens section?

The men’s swimwear market is huge and there are many contemporary and luxury brands out there right now. Men want to look just as good on the beach as women do, and so they should. Currently we are stocking American brand Solid & Striped in our menswear section. The classic cut and contemporary colours have been really popular.

What is your motive behind participating in various lifestyle events?

Since our launch in 2014 we have hosted a number of pop up shops throughout the region, in countries such as Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait and the UAE. As an online business it’s great to have the opportunity to meet new customers and touch base with our supporters around the region. It has also allowed us to travel and understand fashion trends and shopping habits in each country.

What are your future plans?

We hope to continue to grow from strength to strength and establish ourselves as the leading online resort wear website globally. Our location here in Bahrain means we have customers worldwide who can access us easily, whether to the East or the West, and have their shopping arrive faster than nearly anywhere else in the world. Being located in Bahrain has many perks we just need to ensure the infrastructure is here with us as we grow.

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