Get ski ready


A growing range of wearable tech is a bliss on the slopes for skiers

Friend Finder (Pieps Micro avalanche beacon)

Said to be the world’s smallest and lightest three-antenna beacon, this device acts as a lifesaver in the event of an avalanche. First, it directs you to other buried friends who are also wearing beacons and second it acts as a transmitter enabling others to find you if you’re the one who is under the snow.

Eye Protection (Oakley Airwave 1.5)

It offers a heads-up display that shows speed, altitude and jump analytics (height, airtime, distance) on a small one-inch display, which the company claims will never divert your attention from the slope.

Smart Watch (Suunto Ambit 3 Peak Black)

The Ambit 3 Peak Black edition GPS watch features a pressure sensor, which serves up weather and altitude data, while also recording all of the usual activity metrics. The mobile app, also enables wearers to take photos with their altitude overlaid or use route data to create slick overview videos.

Body Armour (RPG I&M Airbag Vest)

This vest offers maximum protection to your body in case you take a tumble. The airbag system measures skier movements and detects unavoidable falls, inflating in less than 0.1 seconds to protect the critical areas of the skier’s body before impact with the ground.

Heat Up (AlphaHeat – Smart Battery Heated Socks)

Perfect for very cold conditions. Activate your AA battery heated socks and they will heat up and provide your feet with a nice core warmth. The smart thing about these socks is that the warmth is limited to a maximum of 120 degrees Fahrenheit to prevent any heat damage to your feet.

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