Frankfurt Decoded

For a tourist Frankfurt might be just another industrial city. But look beyond the glass walls to experience a city with a heart.

Unlike other German cities, Frankfurt does not rest on its past laurels. Its old relationship with culture is obvious to this day in topend fashion and cool contemporary art that sometimes defies description. Frankfurt is an interesting city, meriting a longer stay than as a stopover destination. Completely rebuilt after World War II, it looks every bit as beautiful and welcoming as it did in the pre-war time.

Fondly called the ‘Mainhattan’ of Europe, Frankfurt’s quest for beauty is equalled only by its liking for business. As Germany’s financial hub, Frankfurt is also a noted social hub, automobile headquarters, publishing, television and advertising epicentre and just as popular for international trade fairs as museums.

It has one of the biggest airports in Europe and you can get a flight from anywhere to Frankfurt. The airport averages about 100 flight arrivals per hour – indeed a busy place. Frankfurt is also a centre for commerce, culture, education, tourism and web traffic. Messe Frankfurt is one of the world’s largest trade fairs at 578,000 square metres and 10 exhibition halls.

Where to shop?

In the late afternoon, head for the Zeil, a premier pedestrian promenade and one of the finest shopping streets in Frankfurt. Here you find the best specialty shops, department stores, retail chains all spread out under beautifully maintained sycamore trees. This is one of the trendiest parts of the city, and crammed with chic boutiques that deliver one of the most superlative shopping strips in the world.

The area around south side of the Main River in Sachsenhausen is one of the best places to dine – with plenty of good and authentic dishes to be found.

What to eat?

From bread to meats, Germans love food. After tasting some of their pastries it is easy to see why. There are plenty of places to grab a coffee or a sticky bun.

A question about local cuisine is sure to get you a Currywurst, Ebbelwoi and Gruene Sosse (green sauce) in response, which does not mean Frankfurt lacks a fancy dining scene – but for a very local experience, go currywurst. Green Sauce, an emulsion of eggs and oil with a variety of green herbs was Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s favourite dish. Apparently he enjoyed his potatoes and meat with a generous serving of sauce, downing it (but naturally) with another Frankfurt specialty, Apfelwein. Like it or not, a Apfelwein is Frankfurt’s miracle drink and consumed in all seasons and best enjoyed in the local Ebbelwoi taverns dotted across town.

5 Must Visit Places

Frankfurt Motor Show: The largest motor show in the world and is held in the month of September.

The Love-Bridge: Here people show off their love by attaching a padlock to the bridge.

The Römer: The three stepped gable facades of the Römer make this square extremely popular.

Cathedral of St Barthlomew: It is located in the centre of Frankfurt am Main and dedicated to Saint Bartholomew

Frankfurt Book Fair: Held in the month of October, this is the world’s largest book fair.

Written By: Anjaly Thomas

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