Food with a healthy twist


Chef-cum-entrepreneur Kostas Magoulas likes experimenting with classic dishes. He is set to take food in a healthier new direction whilst keeping the taste intact

For a Greek chef who loves Mediterranean cuisine, moving to Bahrain was nothing short of a culinary adventure. According to Kostas, the best thing about Bahrain is its people who love to travel and experience new things and various cuisines, which sets forth a new challenge for him to appeal to the evolving taste buds of these globetrotters. “Innovation is what excites me and Bahrain gives me the resource and customers to push the envelope of taste, food and technology to a new level,” he claims.

Bringing veganism

In Bahrain, Kostas experiments with traditional Bahraini cuisine to give it a healthy transformation. He believes that the locals are slowly adapting to the new trend of veganism in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. “We produce vegan, gluten free cheese in grated form. We refrain from using any preservatives or additives in our beverages,” he confirms. His venture, Mylk & Kombucha offers niche recipes like dairy-free blueberry and lemon cheesecake, lactose and gluten free almond, coconut and pistachio milks, to cater to the taste of newly-emerging vegan population. Kostas also provides classes and consultancies on healthy eating habits.

Moreover, he has infused some of the island’s most interesting food into his menu. By tapping into new trends like the paleo diet, gourmet-healthy fast food and sugar-free diets, he has created a cuisine that Bahrainis can look forward to. Working next to top-notch chefs and keeping up with the developments of the culinary world helped him gain one Michelin star for his team at the Hytra restaurant in 2010. He was featured in “Kanto Opos O Akis”, a Greek TV show and also contributes in notable magazines and publications.

Kostas’ passion for cooking began when he was 10 years old. Pursuing his love for cooking, he graduated from the professional chef school of Chef D’ Oeuvre and since then, has never looked back.  His journey has presented many challenges and experiences. One memorable incident in particular happened in 2011 while serving as a private chef on a chartered yacht. “We were travelling from Athens to Elafonissos. The trip, which was planned for seven days, got extended due to bad weather. As we were stranded on an isolated island, I had to fish on my own for two days in order to serve the staff and customers,” recalls Kostas. Although difficult at the time, he believes it is such experiences that you learn the most from.

Words: Aishwarya Viswanathan


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