Essentially French


Various writers, musicians and celebrated artists frequented these Parisian cafés which continue to brew with the same old Paris glamour

There is perhaps nothing more essentially French than spending time in cafés accompanied by your favourite beverage. For Parisians, cafés represent a way of life, an extension of the living room, it’s a place where people like to read, write, talk, discuss and relax.

Café de Flore

One of the iconic coffeehouses in Paris known for its clientele of high-profile writers and philosophers, Café de Flore is located along the tiny Rue Saint-Benoît. This historic café is still favoured by locals and travellers who are looking for a chic place to have their breakfast croissant and coffee and to experience the quintessential classic French café setting.

Ten Belles

Located at a close distance from the Canal Saint-Martin, Ten Belles’ serves some of the most delicious breads in all of Paris. One of the first real coffee hotspots in the area, this two level café is still popular because it serves great coffee along with simple freshly baked cakes and thick hot chocolate. It serves everything from espressos to crèmes, beet salads to sticky buns. If you’re a bread or confectionery lover, take some time out to visit the team’s bakery in the 11th arrondissement.

Café Oberkampf

Come to Oberkampf hungry! Besides the delicious coffee served here, you can also try their famous brunch options that include standout dishes like tartines, shakshuka, grilled cheese, avocado toast and toasties. In case you fail to grab a seat here, you can head to sister restaurant Café Méricourt around the corner.

Fondation Café

Located in the hip North Marais neighbourhood, the Foundation Café is best suited for tourists on the move. Their locally roasted coffee from 19th arrondissement based Belleville Brulerie perfectly pairs with the changing menu of baked goods made by the husband and wife team.


If you’re looking for a quiet coffee break, Holybelly is the right choice! The rush-free hours before and after noon is perfect for enjoying a hot mug of coffee in the cool setting of Holybelly. Their Eggs n’ Sides standards is a perennial hit among customers. If you are feeling unusually hungry, treat yourself to an Agent Cooper Special (coffee with a slice of pie).

Words: Paul McCarthy

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