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Former football players turned entrepreneurs, Fawaz Albinmohamed and Ebrahim Alsada aim to create ‘the best football centre’ in Bahrain, with Winners Football Centre

Can you tell our readers more about yourselves.

I’m Fawaz Albinmohamed, a Bahraini entrepreneur, former football player and hold 12 years of corporate experience in marketing and banking. Currently, I’m the managing director of Winners Football Centre and co-founder along with my partner, Ebrahim Alsada.

What is Winners all about? What do you do exactly?

Winners is a football and fitness centre that gathers the whole family in one place. Football is the core and around this revolve fitness programmes, social activities, corporate events, birthdays and more. Winners rents out football fields, offers group workout classes, gives personal training and hosts a coffee shop and lounge to watch games and socialise.

Do you think football plays a big role in the life of Bahrainis? Why?

Well, football is the No 1 game around the world. To add to that my partner and I used to be football players in national teams in Bahrain, so it has been our passion since childhood like a lot of other Bahrainis.

We’ve heard that your centre helps budding entrepreneurs. Please comment.

We believe in giving back and partnering. We look for talented people and we work on their talent and their ambition until they reach a stage where they can open their own businesses.

What challenges did you face when you first started Winners?

The main challenge was sourcing land with the specifications we wanted. The concept, the building and the fields were all built from scratch. Our current land had no electricity, no water before.

Who all have helped you in your journey?

Winners was started in a very difficult time, especially for me personally. With the support of my family and partner Ebrahim, we made it through.

Any message for upcoming entrepreneurs from Bahrain.

I have to say that they really need to study their options, entrepreneurship is not for everyone. You’re an entrepreneur if you have the spirit in you, the ambition. You have to work hard to live your dream.

You are also one of those who decide to leave the corporate world. How did it exactly happen? Were you bored of your daily work?

It was a very tough decision but I resigned on my birthday, August 2. It was like a gift to myself. I was planning to leave anyway, because it was very hard to handle the project while I had a fulltime job and a family. I was leaving work at 5 or 6 pm, and then I would come to Winners.

Anything unique about Winners, which no one knows.

Winners is a 360 degree fitness and socialising venue that promotes a healthy lifestyle in a safe and fun environment. In 2016-2017, Winners will be sponsoring a Women’s official football team that will participate in the Bahrain Women’s National League “Ravens FC”.

What is your future planning for Winners?

We are looking for the right partner to open Winners in KSA; mainly the Eastern Province and Riyadh. There are also plans to franchise and branch in some big cities like Abu Dhabi, Dammam, Jeddah etc.

Words By: Abhishek Chakraborty

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