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Jewellery designer HRH Nourah Al Faisal is making a big impact with her designs

While many countries in the Arab world boast about their fine jewellery designers making a big impact with their designs, both at home and overseas, Saudi Arabia was mostly untouched by this unique phenomenon. But Saudi-born Paris-based haute couture jewellery designer HRH Nourah Al Faisal changed this by launching her brand Nuun in 2014. Ever since, her beautiful creations have grabbed the global jewellery seekers’ attention in a big way.

Early beginnings

Al Faisal’s fixation with jewellery started very early. In fact she has always loved the essence of design in all its forms. As a child, she enjoyed visiting the high jewellery shops located at London’s Bond Street and Paris’s Place Vendôme with her mother. “I was particularly captivated by the precious metals, the gems, how they’re designed to fit and enhance the human body, and how they express the personality of the people who wear them. I find it fascinating,” she says.

Self-taught artist

The intuitive drive to do something worthy in life has been the sole guiding factor throughout her career. That’s why she proudly portrays herself as a self-taught jewellery designer. After her graduation, she apprenticed in Georland, a famous Parisian high jewellery shop, learning the nuts and bolts of designing couture jewellery. “This was all I did and from then on went on to make commissioned pieces for over 15 years before finally setting up my Nuun empire,” she says.

Standing out

Nuun jewels embody Al Faisal’s personal aesthetics, which are heavily influenced by her culture and heritage. But they’re also inspired by everything else she was exposed to while she was growing up and the many novelties and beauties she often comes across when she travels.

She attaches a lot of importance to quality, beauty and sustainability. These are the major characteristics setting her designs apart from the rest. “I want to work with people, suppliers or workshops, who share the same values,” she says. Al Faisal looks up to the wonders of nature, architecture, or even music for inspiration. “It could be anything that catches my eyes and my imagination,” she adds.

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