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Bahraini sisters Dana and Hala Zubari are helping people in the region stay comfortable, active and true to their culture with their Arab culture-inspired sportswear collections

How did the idea of creating the fitness brand Tru Active come up?

DANA: When I first started training for the Ironman, my sister (Hala) was studying at the London College of Fashion and she wanted to create a unique sportswear for me. People saw her work and started requesting more bespoke sportswear for themselves. This lead us to creating a line called Tru Active, which incorporates our love for sports with a representation of our Arabic culture.

Q: How do you zero down on the designs that you create? What role does your family play in your creations?

HALA: Our Father Khalid Zubari is an Arabic calligrapher, through his work I find the inspiration for my collections. I am a perfectionist, so I don’t like putting out anything that isn’t my best work.

Since it is a family affair, has everything been very cost effective for the business? DANA: Definitely. My father and sister sit together and brainstorm writing styles and prints for our collections. It is the hardest part of our designs but also the most fun part.

Q: Dana you have completed one of the toughest triathlons ever, the Ironman 70.3 last year. How do you juggle between your personal and professional life?

DANA: Honestly, being a working mom and training along with it is one of the hardest challenge. I usually train late at night after my daughter goes to sleep or else I wake up early. My husband and my family are very supportive too.

Q: Do you think that gear/clothes play a vital role in the sports regime? How?

DANA: Sports clothes do play a huge role in sports regime. If the material is too thick or unbreathable, then the athlete’s performances goes down while running or gyming. Today, women and men want to look good in their gym gear, and it’s not about just wearing plain gym gear. People want funky and trendy designs that help their performance as well as make them look good.

Q: Do you think the fitness of an individual contributes to his overall well being?

DANA: Having an active lifestyle is essential to one’s mental and physical health. Exercise pushes endorphins into your blood stream, which is a mood elevator and helps combats depression. You also sleep well when you exercise well.

Q: What according to you have been the impediments in your journey till now?

HALA: Time, I just don’t seem to have enough of it. I can stay up all night and still have even more work to do than when I started. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Q: What are your future plans? Do you plan to venture into something else as well?

HALA: As a creator, I feel there is no limit to what I can do. Timing is everything, with every collection we create, our range widens and covers more than we’ve expected.

Q: Message to potential entrepreneurs?

HALA: Know your market, take risks and don’t spend all your time deciding on what colour your logo should be. If you are thinking about going into a partnership, it is really important to know who you are about to go into with.

by: Nikita Sharma

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