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As mercury soars in the Kingdom of Bahrain, it is time to hit the beach and indulge in these activities that are sure to get your adrenaline rushing

You probably thought that you can’t enjoy the water in a desert island, but that’s not the case if you’re travelling to Bahrain. The warm shallow waters of the Arabian Gulf offer a great setting for many aquatic pursuits. Jump on a jet ski, race your friends across the water, or go scuba diving in these water kingdoms of the country.


For lovers of the underwater world looking to explore the marine life, a trip to the Al Dar Island’s azure waters is a must. One of the most popular sites for water sports in Bahrain, scuba diving in this region is an experience of a lifetime. Go deep and get enamoured by the corals reefs, pearl filled oysters and beautiful marine life.


Located in northern Bahrain, Amwaj Islands offers a variety of recreational activities to invigorate body and mind. One can indulge in thrill and fun by opting for water sports like Jet Skiing. It is a must to indulge in if you dare to ride on the waves. The Amwaj Marina is also a great launch point for those looking to explore the water bodies north of the country. Fifi wreck is extremely popular for night dives. Caisson wreck is a concrete and steel structure home to numerous fishes. Fasht Najwah is an excellent dive location as well as a great place to spot whale sharks.


A perfect destination that boasts a beach, restaurants and nightlife, Coral Bay is an ideal place for adventure enthusiasts. Glide on the blue water on a ski board as you are pulled by the power boat, surrounded by beautiful white sandy beaches. The club has among its many amenities, a 56-foot dive and charter boat — the first of its kind on the island — and is also home to many legendary parties, including the F1 after party. This is where you can take your diving experience even further by getting your PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) certification, which allows you to dive anywhere in the world.


Al Bander Resort also has many activities to offer. One can experience row boating, canoeing and banana boat rides here. These activities are one of the most joyful water adventures that will add to your fun. Enjoy the rush of a banana ride as a speedboat whips you across the blue water of shoreline. Bob along on this banana as long as you can hang on and embrace yourself for a drop in the deep blue sea waters.

By: Nikita Sharma

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