Bahrain’s Forts


Discover the rich historical past of Bahrain through its glorious archaeological sites

Bahrain has a history to reflect on with pride. With an essence of tradition and modernity symbolising the diverse culture of this archipelago, there are several notable forts that are now decorated as UNESCO world heritage sites. Make sure to add some of these exquisite historical sites to your itinerary when you are in Bahrain.

Bahrain Fort

Also known as Qal’at-al-Bahrain, this UNESCO world heritage site is a famous archaeological property. It has been excavated, revealing the richest remains of Dilmun civilisation ranging from commercial, residential, military and religious hubs. The fort provides a superb panoramic view and is a favourite spot amongst walkers.

Arad Fort

A fort dating back to the 15th century, it was occupied by Portuguese for nearly a century. Arad Fort boasts classic Arabian style architecture. There is no confirmed evidence in regard to when the fort was actually constructed but it has played a role in the defence of Bahrain. It remains well-lit at night and hosts seasonal festivals all through the year. Occasional Friday markets are also held right outside the fort.

Bu Maher Fort

Situated in the south of Muharraq, Bu Maher Fort has been a centre of religious and traditional activities. Famous for being the most prominent site for harvesting sea pearls from oyster beds, it represents the fading cultural tradition of pearling in the world. Declared as a UNESCO world heritage site, the fort is a testimony to the architecture character that went hand in hand with the pearling trade in past.

Al-Jasra Handicrafts Centre

This centre was established with an objective to preserve traditional crafts from extinction. The workshops here have a collection of homemade handicrafts such as pottery, cloth weaving, wood working, basket weaving and much more. Surrounded by lush greenery overlooking the water, Al-Jasra Handicrafts Centre came into existence in 1990.

By: Nadya Al-Amoudi

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