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Bahraini swimmer Alzain Tareq is just 12 years old. But age is just a number for her. After becoming the youngest swimmer ever to appear at the World Championships in 2015, she is now preparing for the Tokyo Olympics in 2020. She talks to Gulf Life.

What is your proudest moment as an athlete?

For me the proudest moment is to go to competitions and meet new people from around the world.

What are you preparing for now?

Arab competition & 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

What goes through your mind when you are actually inside a pool?

I always feel that there is someone next to me and I have to swim my best to win.

What training do you do outside of the pool?

Stretching and gymming.

Do you have a routine that you always do before races?

Yes. I practice, change to my racing suit, eat a protein bar, drink water and wait for my race.

How do you reward yourself?

I celebrate with my friends.

Your biggest rival?

The stop-watch; time.

List down your favourite go-to meals and snacks?

Fastfood, chocolate, popcorn and French fries.

Favourite place in Bahrain.

Amwaj Islands.

If you weren’t a swimmer, you would have been…

I would have been a tennis player.

The craziest thing you have done so far.

Travelled to the camp alone.

What makes your day?

Seeing my friends swimming.

What spoils it?

Double training.

High point of your life?

Entering Guinness World Records book in 2015 for being the youngest swimmer to ever appear at the World Championships.

Low point of your life?

Getting injured before competitions and losing.

Your advice to others and future goals?

Believe in yourself. I have set my goal to qualify for Tokyo 2020.

One thing not many people know about you…

I love going to competitions and going out with friends.

Things you never leave your house without.

I make sure to carry my phone, charger, hair tie, perfume.

Words: Abhishek Chakraborty

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