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Board member, Arab Union, brand ambassador, International Non-Olympic University, graphic designer and entrepreneur, Shaikha Noora Al Khalifa, is a multi-dimensional personality.

A quick look at your profile shows that you juggle between many roles. Can you elaborate on that aspect of every role which you enjoy the most?

I enjoy Medpoint the most, event planning is like a game for me that I’m even getting better at, like Abaya and Wow was so much fun for me.

We have read how in April 2015 you conquered Kilimanjaro, South Africa. Can you narrate a couple of memories of the experience?

That was like a life time experience for me. The reason was my friend Mr Ahmed Jaffar, God bless his soul, was struggling with parkinson disease. Our mission was to spread awareness and help others fulfil their goals, Insh Allah would like to reach the seven peaks.

You won the maximum number of awards at the Global Leadership Awards (GLA) 2015. What drives you to do such great work year after year?

Awards are like tempting games for me. Once you reach one level you are much motivated and eager reaching another level. Always looking forward to meeting international criteria does help me achieve much more.

Your philosophy towards achieving excellence in any field.

Believe in yourself, follow your dreams, take risks.

What is your take on the future of media in Bahrain?

Nowadays it is all about social media, and I believe it is the future for Bahrain Media as it does break all the culture barriers specially among young youth.

Any challenges of being a woman entrepreneur?

I love challenges and new ventures. I see it as remarkable being a woman in a field mainly dominated by men achieving such progress.

You are an inspiration for budding young business women. Do you have a word of advise for them?

Believe in yourself, follow your dreams and take risks wisely. Once you are on the right track it could be a life changing success story as women can do a lot in such a fast pace changing world, just do your job with passion and be self motivated.

Personal life is an important rejuvenating aspect of every individual’s existence. How do you recharge yourself? Any hobbies?

No doubt there must be a balance between personal life and business, as business should not affect personal life by any means on the other hand personal life should be empowering our successful business. I love to meditate and spending time with my family is my ultimate hobby.

What are your future plans? Do you intend to launch new ventures?

Currently we are working on Flash Box company, also planning on establishing a new cargo and shipment company and an auditing company soon depending on the Bahrain market needs.

Words By: Pooja Kulkarni

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