Andy Serkis

Andrew Clement G. Serkis, also known as Andy Serkis is a well-known English actor, author and director. He is known for his portrayals of Gollum on The Lord of The Rings, Kong in King Kong, Caesar in Rise of The Planet of the Apes and Captain Haddock in The Adventures of Tintin.

Serkis has worked with many famous directors including: Peter Jackson, Mike Leigh, Steven Spielberg and Christopher Nolan. Andy Serkis has appeared in many film and television productions and over 60 theatre productions.

Serkis has been nominated for a BAFTA as the best actor in a leading role in Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll, the Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor in Longford and the Satellite Award for best supporting actor in Longford, Rise of the Planet of the Apes and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. In addition to acting, Andy Serkis is a talented director. He has directed many well-known films was 2nd Unit Director for The Hobbit and Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll. In a recent interview Andy announced that there will be a new movie coming out in 2017 War for the Plant of the Apes.

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