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Aysha Almoayyed is the youngest recipient of Bahrain’s coveted Al Dana Prize, the highest honour the country awards its artists. She talks to Gulf Life about the art scene in Bahrain, her favourites, likes and dislikes

The best thing about being an artist.

Creating artwork helps me focus on things that are greater than myself. It encourages me to explore ideas and see different perspectives. However, the best thing about being an artist is the fame and fortune.

Tell us something about the Al Dana Prize. What difference did it bring to your life?

It was an honour to receive the Al Dana Prize from the Bahrain Authority of Culture and Antiquities. It opened a lot of doors for me. More importantly, it gave me the opportunity to work with artists and curators from Bahrain and abroad. I believe the best part about being an artist is the ability to play with ideas. As artists we are not expected to give reason as to why we are interested in an idea. So why not take advantage of this freedom.

Mixed media seems to be your preferred medium. Why is it so?

I’m a naturally curious person and I like to explore how things are made. I am currently exploring the world of cotton: how it is made, processed and introduced into our everyday lives.

What are your views about the art scene in Bahrain?

Bahrain’s art scene offers a lot of opportunities for artists like me. Here, artwork production is reasonable and the market isn’t saturated so it’s easier to stand out.

If not an artist, you would have been…?

Probably some sort of office job. But I’m sort of doing that now too. It keeps my mind moving and gives me a more structured lifestyle, which I think is important to have as an artist.

What makes your day?

Annoying my sleeping dog in the morning. It doesn’t make his day though!

A secret hobby.

If I tell you it won’t be a secret anymore.

Your favourite social media platform is…

Instagram probably, because it’s the easiest to use.

Weirdest thing you have ever tasted.

Cow tongue. The texture was very weird.

Role model.

Different people for different reasons.

A talent you wish had.

I wish I could calculate large sums in my mind.

Words Abhishek Chakraborty

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