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Over the past three decades Bryan Adams has stamped his name well and truly into music history, selling over 65 million records and achieving number ones in over 40 countries. The Canada-born musician, also an accomplished photographer and a tireless humanitarian, resides primarily in a Thames river-view townhouse in Central London that dates back to the early 18th century. Adams also maintains a stylishly-refined, partly subterranean Paris pied-à-terre in an 18th-century carriage house on the ritzy Île Saint-Louis. But given a choice, Adams would, in his own words, “be happy travelling the world in a luxury caravan”.

At Home In The World

“I admit, with humility, that I have a collection of vacation homes that make it compulsory for me to get out of my home,” says Adams, adding, “my choice of an ideal destination combine the elements of serene isolation with modern-day creature comforts like high-speed Wi-Fi, iPod docking stations, air-conditioned bedrooms and a good all-terrain vehicle to get around.”

Small wonder then that his homes across the world, including those in the Caribbean Islands (Mustique in the West Indies, a stone’s throw from Barbados) feature luxury cars, private beaches, organic gardens and gorgeously laid out gardens. Adams is paradoxically, as fond of luxuries as he is of running away from them. As he puts it, he is constantly, “running to and from the world!”

Those are also the features of Adams’ favourite destinations in the world. “I love the mountains and valleys they enclose. The mountains denote solitude for me, and the valleys, life,” he says poetically.

Work & Leisure

As an artist who has performed in almost every country in the world, Adams considers himself “lucky to have seen quite a lot!” Speaking of his favourite destinations, the singer says, “Egypt has always been a favourite. The pyramids literally call to me. I have performed with them providing the most majestic backdrop and that remains an experience of a lifetime for me.”

Speaking of his connection with Asia, Adams is quick to point out that, “India is like a pilgrimage to me. I always have such soul-stirring experiences there. I always have a series of concerts in several cities while on tour there and it never seems enough! Time flies by in India but I look for excuses to visit the places I want to. Kerala is fantastic and so is Goa. I want to explore Kashmir and Ladakh and more of Rajasthan.”

Adams is the only Western artist to have performed in Pakistan post the 9/11 attack. “I wish Pakistan was more popular. The natural beauty of the country cannot be compared to anything else. Lush green valleys all around with humongous mountains are a treat to sore eyes. And don’t even get me started on the food! I am in a constant state of food coma in Pakistan!” exclaims Adams.

Another Asian country that is close to Adams’ heart is Japan. “I reconciled with my father during one of the concerts in Japan, and it can’t get more magical than that for sure. Japan’s mountain peaks, prettiest flowers and tall skyscrapers are perfect for any kind of vacation, whether you like to shop or just take a nature walk. Not to mention the people there, they are just so welcoming and warm! I can’t wait to go to Japan again,” he says.

As told to Aarti Kapur Singh

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