Diving in Sharmel Sheikh

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Prolific marine life and the unique ecology of the  Red Sea gives divers an opportunity to  experience the splendour of coral reefs and  the mysteries of wrecks

Located between the Tiran Island and Ras Mohammed National Park, Sharm El Sheikh features some of the most exciting underwater scenery. Floating below the azure waters gives divers an ethereal experience of swimming with exotic fish and discovering an incredible variety of coral reefs. This world-class diving location has family-friendly vibes that suit people of varying skill level and specialist interests. Here you can find amazing night dives, exciting cave dives, unique wrecks and incredible reefs.

Wreck Diving: Giannis D

Great visibility and warm water makes wreck diving a pleasurable experience in the Red Sea! Giannis D is well known for its historical significance. This Greek freighter was originally launched in the late 1960s. On April 1983, the ship hit a reef, split into half and gradually sank .

To this day, Giannis D is one of the most sought-after wrecks found in the Red Sea. The freighter sits proudly by itself in two largely intact segments, which are great to explore, and have become home to a thriving sea life over the past 30 years.

Drift Diving: Ras Ghamila

A depth of 30m and a visibility level of 10-30m make Ras Ghamila a famous drift diving destination. Known for rich marine life and coral formations, the dive starts near the Conrad Resort from where divers can drift north across a sandy plateau. Get ready for spectacular views of hard coral formations and reefs.

Cave Diving: Ras Nasrani

Located at a distance of about 12 kms to the north of Sharm El Sheikh, Ras Nasrani offers a varied topography peppered with large sandy bays and reef formations. The reef drops down to about 60m and has many caves and overhangs that make it a favourite diving site amongst divers of all levels.

Night Diving: The Gardens

Night diving can be a breath-taking and fascinating experience with the nocturnal underwater world coming to life after the sun sets. The experience of dipping below the surface at night is both, simultaneously mysterious and alluring. Owing to its shallow water and excellent visibility, the Gardens is a perfect spot to switch your torches on and explore the enticing night life of Red Sea.

Hunting lionfish, Spanish dancers, squids and octopi are some of the nocturnally active critters that you can spot while you dive. It is also home to flashlight fish, which look enticing in dark waters.

Reef Diving: The Temple

A dive site located in the northern part of Sharm El Sheikh, the three large coral pillars are the main feature of this dive site. The Temple reef offers protection to a wide variety of marine life, including stone fish, butterfly fish and parrotfish among many others. With balmy water and lack of currents, the Temple is quite popular among locals.

Words: Ted Berry

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