Holidaying like the Queen


Beyoncé, along with husband Jay Z, loves to travel in style. And yet, the one thing that every destination she travels to must have, in her own words: “A four poster bed and a great view!” We should have known. It shows in her Instagram feeds.

“It’s tough being popular and recognised when all you really want to do is get away from it all,” rues Beyoncé, half serious, half mocking when asked what is the best bit about being a celebrity who loves travelling.

Taste for history

Talking about two things that make her fall in love with a place, Queen Bey is quick to respond: “It has to have food that is beyond awesome, and it must have stories of all kinds. So whether it is po’boys and crayfish in New Orleans or the best pizzas made from scratch in Naples, we all as a family love a place where we can stuff our faces.”

Beyoncé loves history and Europe tops the list. “I think that will have to be Europe. Look at Southern Europe – specifically Paris – it embodies history for me. In fact, it has one of my favourite hotels in the world – Le Meurice. The first thing that impresses you is the atmosphere and the character of the hotel, if a brick and mortar structure can have one. It is an unusual and perfect mix of Art Deco with a spirit that is modern and contemporary. I came to learn that this place was also a favourite with Salvador Dali. I feel like I have travelled back in time whenever I stay there,” says Beyoncé.

And what’s the best way for a queen to explore southern Europe? On board your luxury yacht, of course. “A yacht is the perfect way to see Croatia, Sardinia and St. Tropez, among other exotic and other scenic locales. The best thing is that you can cross over onto the Mediterranean, while sampling the cuisine along the coast: all while sunning yourself on the deck, or hang out at different levels, and jump into the sea when you please!” exclaims Beyonce.

Any Time Adventure

It’s not just luxurious romance that beckons Bey, she is up for adventure too. “Adventure that is not as much about getting your adrenaline pumping, but more about trying out new things.” So she and Jay Z are always eager to try out new vacation destinations, whether it is Costa Rica or Thailand. “Costa Rica is amazingly romantic! We’ve been going there almost every year since the last decade or so. The Peninsula Papagayo area, the Nicoya Peninsula are great and so is the gorgeous La Fortuna area, whose relaxing hot springs are just so lovely!”

To satiate their craving to “see the new”, Beyoncé and Jay-Z are planning to explore more of Asia this year, where Beyoncé plans to “ride the waves” and “hop on to yachts!”

As told to Aarti Kapur Singh

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