Travel it like the Beckhams

The ‘Beckham Brood’ is one glamorous and globe-trotting family. The former footballer and his designer wife Victoria’s  social media feeds exude vacation goals. Their most recent vacation was to Miami. The couple, who celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary last month, took their four children to Miami for a sun-soaked half term break. Brooklyn, 20, Romeo, 16, Cruz, 14, and Harper, seven, joined their parents for a commemorative family picture, which was posted online.

La Familia

“A true and ideal holiday is one that we can have as a family. It is one thing to keep hopping from one country to another for work. But I like to have my brood around if I want a meaningful and fun vacation. Even if all of us do varied things, we will still find tonnes of stuff to do together. I am amazed at how being a husband and dad has changed me. I get physically ill when I have to leave the kids now,” David Beckham says.

With that many adults and some “semi adults” (as David informs us his wife Victoria calls them), reaching a decision about a holiday destination would be chaotic, wouldn’t it? However, David has a different thought. “Actually, we are very well-behaved that way and won’t kick around unnecessarily. But when we do choose where to go, we tell the kids that this is what we have in mind and also tell them what the options are to enjoy there. That curiosity about travelling and exploring, thankfully, makes it easier to choose a spot to go to. But one thing we do bicker over is what to do while on a holiday. So the boys and I always want to run around and get some adrenaline rushes, while Victoria and Harper will insist on the girlie things. So we divide time. But mostly, it is action-packed.”

And it is not just kicking up the dirt that the boys do, David is a keen photographer and never travels without his camera. “I bring home loads and loads of pictures that often eat up whole drives! We enjoy experiencing whatever unique experiences a place may have to offer. But we also do a lot of the cultural stuff. In Bali, the boys and I enjoyed bamboo fishing with a few locals. It takes a lot of patience though. Harper and Victoria learnt to rustle up a few culinary delicacies.”

Dream Destinations

The family that takes at least three holidays a year has clear favourites in terms of destinations. Talking about one of his favourite destinations, David says, “Dubai isn’t just a place. Dubai is a phenomenon and I am blessed to have a house there.”

The family’s second favourite destination is far away from the Middle East. “Australia is great too! It is awesome we could pack in quite a lot. From zoo visits, to eating at Mr Wong’s to everything else in between,” says David.

Ask him about the destinations that he would like to go to and he replies: “Well I would love to go to the Poles. The boys are game, but we are still working on the other significant members of the family. A month-long trip to India would be nice too, where we can see everything from the North to South and East to West.”

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