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Sun reflecting off the white sand, turquoise water, green jungles and fiery sunsets, a visit to the Seychelles is a tropical dream come true


Located on the northeastern side of Mahè, Victoria is the capital of the Seychelles. Enriched with culture and home to the stunning botanical gardens. The gardens showcase endemic and exotic plants, most famously, the coco de mer. The seed is the largest and heaviest in the world, believed by locals to be sacred with healing powers.

Another star attraction within the gardens is the giant tortoise sanctuary. For a small fee of roughly 9 USD, you can enter the sanctuary to get your essential selfie and feed the tortoises, some of which are over 150 years old.

Morne Blanc

If you’re fit enough or adventurous, take a hike up Morne Blanc and get the best view of Mahè. The peak offers jaw-dropping views over the West Coast and takes around one hour to hike. The hike is of medium intensity due to the steep ascend.

The trail is relatively well-marked and takes you through stunning forest areas. The beginning of the trail passes through an old tea plantation; giving you strong scents of sweet cinnamon and lavender. As you move further through the trail, the forests ecology becomes more prominent with mosses and ferns covering most surfaces.

Avoid leaving the trail as there are large gaps between boulders which may be obscured by soil. Try to head early morning where you can appreciate the view from the viewing platform before it becomes too hot.

Beau Vallon

An absolute must experience whilst in the Seychelles is sunset at Beau Vallon, Mahè beach. Several hotels and some good dive centres are dotted along the beach, and you can find a handful of humble but good restaurants. Enjoy the famous coconuts, which can be purchased from numerous sellers along the beach. You can also marvel at the sun descending below the horizon creating a flaming violet sky, listen to the waves crashing and the palm trees blowing in the background, a moment to be cherished. Beau Vallon hosts a lively Wednesday evening market too.

Best time to go

Because of its year-long warm climate, the Seychelles is an all-year round holiday choice. The best time to visit is April-May or October-November. During this time you stand a high chance of skipping the tropical showers and the low winds make it the perfect time for snorkeling, exploring and relaxing on the beach.

By: Abby Patterson

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